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Updating HP SB40c with HP P440 controller


Disks and HP CCISS p2v Migrating

Migrating example for HP DL380 G4 and RHEL3 which had directly cciss partitions in /etc/fstab. Transferring the disk content to hypervisor machine. Made already proper size […]

Disks and Xen v2v Migrating

When migrating Xen virtual machines to libvirt/kvm noticed some disk images contained partition table within a partition. The following shows how to fix this.

Beta Labs: TEST – SCST Slow Bulk SATA2 Soft-RAID6

Test Setup Target ASUS KFN32-D/SAS with single Opteron 8354 and 16 GB RAM. 2 Gb Fibre Channel to PCI-X HBA. SCST: NV_CACHE and 512 block size. […]